Towne Square Concept A2

As part of our plan to revitalize Oakville’s historic downtown, the town is redesigning Towne Square, a small but unique public space located at 210 Lakeshore Road.

Building on the work done on the downtown streetscape design, a new design for Towne Square will enhance the vibrancy of the neighbourhood and provide more opportunities for public events.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • These are just preliminary concepts. They will be refined based on stakeholder and public feedback and will be presented again to the public in early fall.

  • If you like some elements from one design, but other elements from another, feel free to take a mix and match approach. Please clearly indicate your preferences in your comments.

  • Although not shown in all images, a section of grass can be incorporated into all preliminary design concepts.

  • Most of Towne Square is built over an underground parking garage, making it a challenge to plant trees in the space.

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For more information on this project and additional opportunities to provide input, visit the Towne Square Redevelopment page.

The deadline to provide feedback is August 3, 2018.

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Towne Square Concept A2


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