How can we reach you?

The Town of Oakville interacts with the community in various ways on hundreds of projects, studies, initiatives, services and programs every year. Whether we’re letting you know about plans to create a new parkette, looking for public feedback on a road improvement study or ways to enhance your experience at our community and cultural facilities …we want to hear from you.

Some of the ways we reach you includes:

  • Posting updates on our website

  • Social media (Twitter and Facebook page)

  • Oakville e-newsletter

  • Oakville mobile app

  • Advertisements in the Oakville Beaver newspaper

  • Let’s Talk Oakville newsletter

  • Face-to-face meetings

  • Mobile signs

We are updating our Public Engagement Guide that lists these ways and many more but we want to know about the ways you like to hear from the town and provide your feedback.

Now we invite you to:

  • post your own ideas

  • vote on your own idea and others

  • comment!

We look forward to hearing your ideas! You have ten votes (maximum three votes per idea), so use them to show support for your favourite idea(s).

Thanks for sharing! Now let’s get started.

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How can we reach you?


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